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Why You MUST Run an Affiliate Program
by Jason Johns

So you’ve written an e-book, created a website and are sitting back in glee waiting for the impending flood of sales.

That flood, it’s a bit of a trickle really isn’t it?

What happened to those promises of instant wealth and making a six figure income within a week of starting up … oh, no one mentioned the six figures included the $ sign, the full stop and the two naughts after the full stop!

To turn that trickle into a flood then you have to leverage the power of affiliates.

What are affiliates then?

They are people who want to promote your product to their list or on their website. Yep, you heard me – THEY WANT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCT! They are your sales force!

You pay these people a percentage of the sale price and they will promote your product until they are blue in the face. What a wonderful concept – free money for you! Your affiliates don’t get paid a dime unless they make the sale – pure performance based pay, which means to you, no outgoings until you’ve had the money coming in.

Now here comes the point that trips up so many people – why would you want to pay an affiliate commission?

Let me respond by asking you a question, which of these two would you prefer

1) 50% of $97


2) 50% of $00

Take as long as you want to think about it, but I know exactly which I’d prefer. What about you?

This is where you have that dawning moment of realisation and say, “I get it Jason” …this is the power of affiliates. Effectively they are bringing in free money for you. Sure, you’re not getting the full price of the product, but you are getting a percentage of it, which you would never have got before hand.

Who wouldn’t enjoy having free money flooding into their account around the clock whilst they had breakfast with the family, enjoyed a round of golf or lazed around on the beach?

The true beauty of running an affiliate program is that you are gaining exposure to huge amounts of people for absolutely no cost on your part. Your affiliates pay for all the marketing costs and all you do is take the payment and pay the affiliate. What a great deal!

If you are a webmaster or product owner and are serious about increasing your income then an affiliate program is what you need. You can learn more about how to effectively run one for maximum return and how to keep your affiliates selling around the clock in a book such as Success For Affiliate Programs by Jason E. Johns.

Jason E Johns is a successful Internet Marketer & personal success coach dedicated to your success. To find out more about affiliate marketing, visit http://www.successforaffiliates.com/