Interested in boosting your affiliate commissions?

There isn't one "magical" secret to increase your affiliate commissions, but here are some simple steps you can take to make more money through affiliate programs right now.

1. Capture e-mail addresses with an "opt-in" list before sending your visitor to the merchant vendor web site.

2. Write an un-biased review article about the product or program you are promoting. Be sure that you mention some weaker points of the program and keep your article honest. This will lower the audiences defenses, as well as increase your articles click through ratio.

3. Promote products that offer residual or recurring income commissions, such as web hosting packages, auto responders, and membership sites.

Affiliate Tips And Techniques(cont)

Find Your Niche
Choose a topic that is of great interest to you and build your website around that theme. You will be far more passionate in your content writing and far more believable in your marketing if you really care about your topic. Learn all you can about your chosen topic - become an expert. This will provide name recognition, credibility, and make selling the products you choose easier. Hot Affiliate Tip #2 - If you enjoy your topic, running your business will also be fun - and in the end more profitable!